KBRS Hard Curb

KBRS Hard Curb

  • $89.00

A KBRS HardCurb® Prevents Leaks and Tile Failure.

One of the most critical components of a tile shower is the curb. If not properly constructed (and most are not), then it is guaranteed that you will have damaging leaks and tile failure. A KBRS HardCurb® is engineered to prevent these failures from occurring.

A KBRS HardCurb® is Self-Sealing.

Glass shower enclosure mounting hardware must be anchored (screwed) to both the walls and the shower curb in order to safely secure the glass assembly. This is especially true with heavy-glass shower enclosures. Traditional shower curbs, constructed from wood or mortar, and most prefabricated foam curbs, are not designed to receive the required anchoring hardware without causing leaks. A KBRS HardCurb® has a self-sealing anchoring layer that automatically seals around the screws when penetrated, and securely holds the screws in place.

Measures:  4" wide x 4" tall x 61" long

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