KBRS Linear Drains

  • $124.00


Introducing the KBRS line of Linear Drains. Step onto the newest in modern design. Whether you go stainless or tiled, you can’t go wrong, as these state of the art sleek, elegant and advanced designs are proven to deliver the aesthetics and performance you desire. Buy and Install with confidence, KBRS Linear Drains, the best value in the business. 


  • All drain bodies have a 1" tiling flange that extends past dimension of drain. (For example a 24" drain will measure 26" on the drain body)
  • Drain bodies are made of ABS plastic material and can be glued into a 2" hub fitting (can use transition glue for PVC)
  • Recommend using the KBRS waterproofing liquid liner and shower seal fabric to complete the waterproof shower system

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