ShowerSeal® Liquid Liner Membrane (1 US Gallon)

ShowerSeal® Liquid Liner Membrane (1 US Gallon)

  • $69.95

(1 US GALLON) ShowerSeal® Elastomeric Ready-To-Tile Waterproofing Membrane. Waterproofing your entire shower has never been easier than it is with ShowerSeal® from KBRS.

While all KBRS Tile-Basin® shower pans are already leak-free, with our ShowerSeal® product, you add the highest level of waterproofing available for a leak-free shower installation that's second to none.

This specially formulated "liquid rubber" product is easily applied using no more than a paint roller or brush. No sticky, messy application, no large sheets to glue to the wall, no overlapped joints to fail and leak, just smooth, even, monolithic coverage (50 s/f) you can count on.

Simply apply a few coats of ShowerSeal®, allow for the required time to cure in between coats, then follow with the installation of your thinset and tiles. You will not only have a beautiful custom shower, but also complete peace of mind that you have a total leak-free shower. 

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